Start a promising career in the Energy Therapies field - The new paradigm of wellness, emotional balance and inner peace.

See your clients, friends and family magically melt away decades of unresolved emotional and psychosomatic issues in just a few days - FEEL the satisfaction of being able to help others achieve quick personal transformation

At the request of many of our worldwide readers we are releasing the first "LBP Coach & Practitioner Certification Program".


The Coaching field has been rapidly expanding, specially over the past 10 years. There are coaches for almost any niche of business, personal growth and well-being, and the demand for this type of service will keep growing as people look for faster and more effective ways to manage their lives.

The LBP Coach & Practitioner Certification Program is a great way for you to enter this field with the right foot. Personal growth, wellness, stress management and life management are the most sought after programs in this fast-paced area.

An estimated 40,000 people in the U.S. work as life or work coaches and this $2.4 billion market is growing 18% per year. (Source: Google news)

According to a Marketdata Enterprises market report, the U.S. self-improvement market is worth $9.6 Billion. Personal coaching & infomercials do best.

And what can be better than to start a new promising career, in a growing field, doing something that you love and transforming lives along the way? This is the perfect job - IF you can call it a job, that is!

The LBP Coach & Practitioner Certification Program:

In this one-of-a-kind Coach Certification Program you will be guided personally by Wellington, the developer of LBP. You will learn the ins and outs of this process and how to apply it to others efficiently and with total confidence.

Some topics of this program:

  • How to get rapport with your clients

  • How to make your clients feel safe and at ease

  • How to explain what the LBP is and isn't

  • How to develop the skill of reading the client's body language during the process

  • Various uses of the LBP; emotional traumas, forgiveness, dissolving past negative charges, stress relief, inner peace, LBP for prosperity, LBP for phobias, life-line clean up and intra-uterine clean up

  • The secret of the true Masters; how to use your own consciousness to accelerate the clients' cleansing

  • How to do the LBP by phone

  • How to best promote your practice and have a flow of clients

  • The legal aspects of coaching

  • The LBP Coach Code of Ethics


This hands-on program will consist of 8 modules, to be finished in two months. The materials included are:

- PDF text files
- MP3 Audio files
- 1 Video file where we break down a LBP session step-by-step

- PLUS: You will have FOUR 1 hour Phone Sessions with Wellington himself to go over the lessons and answer any questions you may have. You will get personalized attention all along the way. (WE WILL PAY FOR THE PHONE CALLS ANYWHERE IN THE US AND CANADA - Those in other countries can use Skype/MSN)

- At the end of each module there's a home work/test assignment.

- During the training you will be asked to work on someone experimentally and report the results to Wellington.

- Upon successful completion of the program you will receive a certificate by mail and will be able to use our Logo and the LBP Coach/Practitioner Credential. You will also be listed on our official website (see HERE) as a certified Coach AND referred by us when someone in your area asks for live coaching sessions.

The RIGHT time to join our team is NOW! We have only 3 Certified Coaches and people all over the USA and the world asking for personal coaching


- Ability to read and write in English
- To be at least 21 years of age
- To have at least 3 months experience using the LBP on yourself
- Have a phone/Skype/MSN account for the live tutoring
- Be able to pay by Paypal (All major credit cards accepted)

Investment: We are right now working on a flexible 3 installment payment plan - the cost will be announced soon. 

To be released by December 2011 - LIMITED OPENINGS - Come back soon for more info or join our mailing list to be informed - click HERE



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