Try the LBP

Experience RESULTS or you don't pay a cent!

How many "Coaches" can take this challenge? Wellington has been doing it for years!

If you live in the NY/NJ area, do not miss the opportunity to try this amazing technique with Wellington Rodrigues, developer of the LBP.

The LBP helps you liberate unresolved and stuck emotional packets of stagnated energy from your system using a combination of a powerful yogic breathing exercise and focused attention.

You will leave the sessions with a thoroughly knowledge of the theory and practice of the The Liberation Breath Process, which is one of the quickest ways to eliminate unwanted addictions, habits, phobias, etc.

This is a short-term Coaching Program - 3 to 5 sessions are enough to help you:

  • Work on any intra-uterine issue that may be blocking your progress
  • Clean up you life-line (We call it "eliminating your Karma")
  • Learn how to easily cope with everyday traumatic/stressful situations
  • Eliminate any emotional charge that may be holding your life back
  • Acquire self control and inner peace

BESIDES teaching you the LBP and facilitating your transformation, Wellington will also apply his Energy Body Re-structuring systemTM - An amazing energy correction technique that will transform your life.

As in all our personal sessions, you will be under our 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Come for the first session, if you think it is not for you, you won't have to pay a single cent!


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