“The Liberation Breath Process is simple, the results are heartwarming. I have been using it for over a year now. It is nice to have this as a tool to help remove things that block my energy at times and makes me feel stuck. I highly recommend this wonderful technique.”
Dr. Mike Shapiro, Chiropractor   New York, USA -

“One of the first things I had to realize was the fear I have long been holding on to of making a poor choice in love, being rejected or disillusioned in relationships. I have consequently managed to avoid all real involvement, despite my yearning for a deep and loving relationship partner.  As I used the Liberation Breath exercise to liberate this fear the result was astoundingly, almost unbelievably instant: A truly lovely man appeared in my life. I was clearing that blockage that stood in the way of manifesting my desire and my energy has softened, slowed down, loosened, and lightened so that this lovely possibility could walk into my life. I continue to use the Liberation Breath on the spontaneous fears and hesitations that come up about this. I know this is the practice of the Law of Attraction/the Secret/the Law of Cause and Effect, the result of putting this law to work through the Liberation Breathing Technique.” 
S.P. Cox, California, USA

“I have used the Liberation Breath Process for many issues, and I find it simple yet very efficient. I'm using it every day, not only to clean stagnated emotional energy, but also for general cleaning of my energetic system in order to be fully open to the universal abundance flow. It has helped me a lot and I'm sure that it can be used in many other ways that we have yet to investigate.”  
A. Filic, Croatia

“The Liberation Breath process was something new to me.  I am not typically a visual person so I was a bit skeptical on how this was going to work for me.  As I practice the process I continue to liberate blocks in my energy field.  My nature has been to push with and get it done mentality.  That works in some things, but I find being loving and gentle with myself, taking time to relax and just allowing myself to breathe clearly with the intention of liberating the feeling, pain, or pressure that I feel works well.  So, whether one is a visual type or not, this process works.”
B. Braden, Texas, USA

“Now, when I have a headache, I just do the Liberation Breath for a couple of minutes, and it is gone.”
V. Gallao, New Jersey, USA

“I have been using your energy liberation breath technique for two months and I am amazed at how something so simple is at the same time so effective. It is truly ''liberating''.  I started using it with small things that used to disturb me, and gradually ''dug up'' emotional situations I could not cope with before, and now I am free of most of them.   I have tried meditation, brain wave entrainment, other forms of energy therapy, and NLP, but none of them worked as well or as quickly as your technique.   I would like to thank you and want you to know that one more person on this planet is ''liberated'' and happier thanks to your wonderful technique.”  
G. Kordosis, Korinthos, Greece

"I do have an update for you, Wellington. The 3 year old ‘situation’ that I have been working on for the past week is nearly healed. I can't even believe I'm saying this! The headache I mentioned is also noticeably decreased. For the first time in years there is no heaviness in my chest." 
N.S., New York, USA

"The Liberation Breath is one of the Most Powerful techniques I've ever tried. When I do it, I can really feel the unwanted feeling melting down, and once it is gone, it's gone for good! I've never experienced so much power and peace in my life. Thanks a million for sharing this simple technique with the world!"  
F. Abrahams, Connecticut, USA



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